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My HQ pvp build

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My HQ pvp build

Post  AviDavi on Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:58 am

Back here with yet another inefficient, but versatile and fun pvp build.
Harlequin it is this time Razz

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Optionals that I've added:
- lvl5 venom is fun to use, but it will not work at all when you are planning to fight players with over 50 dodge.
- FD only got a higher lvl than 1 for it to have a bigger range.
- lvl3 drill will hit fallen, thou you will rarely actually hit a fallen target with it.
- lvl3 chain hurricane kick and lvl1 heavy smash is a requirement for the skill super armor.
- lvl2 sonic boom hits fallen.

Another optional is to make air combo launch lvl3 to hit falling, thou there is barely any occasion to use it.

Special thanks to Tonje for providing so much info on the skills Very Happy

PS: Yeah, the forums could use more pvp builds Razz

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